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Responsive Next.js Portfolio Template

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If you're a developer, it's important for you to have a personal portfolio website – especially when you're applying for jobs.

After several months of development, I have finally put together a multi-themed website that will greatly increase your chances of getting attention from recruiters.

This template has several API calls, that is handled by the SWR (stale-while-revalidate), the list includes:

  • Medium's API to display my personal articles in this project.

  • Spotify's API to show the current track as well as display my top 20 songs of the week.

  • GitHub's API to highlight most popular of my open-source projects.

As for the technologies, here is a full list of libraries I'm using for this project:

  • Next.js

  • styled-components

  • swr

  • react-transition-group

You will find a detailed documentation inside the README fille on how to setup, make changes and run this website.


Credits to Lee Rob and his personal portfolio, for inspiring me to create this project.

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Multi-themed personal portfolio website template.

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Responsive Next.js Portfolio Template

5 ratings
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